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Ламинатор инструкция hd 320

Ламинатор - устройство, предназначенное для ламинирования листовых материалов и материалов, сматываемых с рулона. This happens when the material is put all the way into the nip before the machine is started. This problem usually occurs when laminating an item that has been folded, rolled, bent or wrinkled. Ledco will file the claim with the carrier. WARNING: Make sure the power cord is clear of the underside of the machine prior to operation to avoid overheating the cord. The slitter heads are mounted on a steel bar with an adjusting knob on each knife holder. The microprocessor-based control quickly learns to anticipate the heat demand of each job and keeps the actual temperature within a few degrees of the set temperature. Сервис Диагностика Ремонт оборудования Запуск Контрактное обслуживание Срочный выезд Контакты сервиса. Rub firmly but do not scrub the rollers vigorously as this might mar the surface. RECOMMENDED TEMPERATURE SETTINGS Your first source of information about recommended film application temperatures and operating characteristics should be your film suppliers. Options include a release liner take-up, risers, upper fan assembly, extra slitter heads, footage counter, or a stand. NOTE: It is possible that variances from recommended temperature settings may be necessary due to material thickness, ambient temperature, humidity, or the quality and thickness of the material being laminated. To print the manual completely, please, it. First loosen all four supply roll tension knobs, then tighten them turn clockwise until they just begin to press on the springs. With the top roll of film centered on the mandrel and the shiny side facing down, pass the film under the lower idler, over the top idler, and then drape it over the top heat shoe. Peel back about two inches of the release liner on one end of the board. Автовоспроизведение Если функция включена, то следующий ролик начнет воспроизводиться автоматически. Cut a piece of your pre-coated substrate mounting board slightly larger than your image. Для заказа товара через «Портал Поставщиков» используйте указанный номер оферты. The supply roll mandrels are now ready to be loaded with film.

Оплата наличными производится в пунктах самовывоза ФорОфис или при доставке заказа по Москве или Подмосковью.

ADVERTENCIA: Apretar mucho tiempo el interruptor de marcha atras puede causar bobinado inverso. Slide the positioned end of the board into the laminator holding the graphic up with one hand. Laminates items up to 320 mm in width at 0. Simple and easy to use and quick to learn. Use this exposed adhesive to position the laminated graphic on the board. It then passes through rubber rollers to apply pressure and bond the film to the item being laminated. You will be credited for the damaged machinery when the claim is processed. PROBLEM: Wrinkling of the material as it goes into the laminating rollers. A separate specification sheet is available. SOLUTION: Make sure the leading edge of the item being laminated is laying flat and is inserted parallel to the laminating rollers. The dull adhesive side must face away from the shoe. Phone: 585-367-2392 Fax: 585-367-2978 If the machine is returned, the following should accompany it.

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WARNING: Make sure the power cord is clear of the underside of the machine prior to operation to avoid overheating the cord.
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The HD-25 is the only commercial laminator with a custom autofeed option the Power Feed Tray.

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